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Expected results (outputs and quantified achievements):
The concrete expected results of the project are:

1 - DEVELOPMENT OF A PILOT PLANT, replicable on a modular scale in other demolition facilities, THAT CAN THINLY (i.e. from 1.5 to 70mm) SEPARATE SHREDDED MATERIALS FROM ELVs.

2 - RECOVERY AND RECYCLING OF POST-SHREDDER WASTE, MEETING AND OVERCOMING THE OBJECTIVES OF THE COMMISSION DECISION 2005/293/EC, ESPECIALLY PRODUCING A HIGH QUALITY FUEL FROM THE LIGHT PARTS THAT NOW ARE ANYWAY LAND FILLED Specifically, assuming an amount of scrap (the fraction called “waste dust”) from ELVs demolition treated of about 3.5 ton/h (15,750 ton/year), it’s possible to achieve the following estimation of waste recovery: light materials to be used as a HIGH QUALITY solid recovered FUEL (CAR FLUFF) in a percentage of about 34%, about 5,355 ton/year. This maybe higher and proposers efforts will be to achieve the optimum recovery possible.

3 - CARWASTE RECOVERED FLUFF WILL STRENGTHEN THE RECYCLING MARKET AND COMPETITIVENESS FOR SEVERAL STAKEHOLDERS: the car demolition facilities, the recycling organizations, the whole automotive industry.

4 - With reference to the CEN/TC 343 “solid Recovered Fuels” standard, the data from the preliminary tests on FLUFF done by GDE in a lab scale dimension is in line with the limits set by the EU DIRECTIVES 2008/98/CE ON WASTE and 2010/75/EU on INDUSTRIAL EMISSIONS. Thus the potential of the PILOT PLANT to be compliant to all measures and directives on waste and emissions is very high.

5 - Demonstration of the project concept as replicable, modular and scalable delivering an affordable and sustainable business model for replication actions after the Life+ initiative. To such concern, specific output of the project will be the LIFE CYCLE\COST ANALYSIS AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC ASSESSMENT.